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Egypt - Games and Activities

Land of the Egyptians

Explore the Egyptian landscape with our interactive map and learn about life and death along the Nile.

A stela of a tale

Can you read hieroglyphs? Discover more about the stela and its meaning.

Dress like an Egyptian

Dress like an Egyptian queen or a craftsman and learn about Egyptian clothing.

Temple stores game

How quickly can you help the craftsmen find their basic supplies?

Three Pyramids game
The Three Pyramids
Can you prepare our high priest for the afterlife before the sun rises? Navigate the pyramid maze in a race against time to collect up everything you need to mummify his body and send him on his way.

Egyptian tomb adventure
Egyptian tomb adventure
Become an online archaelogist excavating an ancient tomb.

Coffins and mummy-masks
Explore the detail in our coffins and mummy-masks from Ancient Egypt.

Detail from the coffin of Iufenamun
Mummy Priest
Discover the secrets guarded by this mysterious Ancient Egyptian figure.

Qurna burial
Qurna burial
Find out about a real Egyptian tomb discovery.

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